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Here you will find lots of my favourite Amazon Purchases that I just adore and couldn't live without. I have tried and tested (and own) all of them so any questions you have please ask! I have shown/demonstrated the use of most of these items on my TikTok so check that out as well. @athomewithlucy
You will find a link to each item under the description if you want to see more details or buy any for yourself. Enjoy!

Light 4.jpg

LED Ring Light With Tripod

User friendly, compact and great price.

This is the best Ive tried for the price. It got a sturdy adjustable tripod. The light has 3 dimmer options. The phone holder allows for horizontal & vertical. So many great features. Perfect for anyone staring off with social media.


Musical Magic Cube

Creative, educational magic puzzle cube. Musical and lights up. 4 different game modes! My advice is age appropriate 7+.

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Mini Fridge & Cooler

Quiet, compact and portable. This cute little fridge holds up to 6 cans. Cools to 18 degrees and heats up to 60 degrees. Perfect for bedrooms or home office spaces.


Mummy Onesie - Pokemon Snorlax

Ok, my kids love Pokemon but Im not a fan.. having said that this 'Snorlax' onesie is the coziest and cutest piece of clothing I own!! I cant recommend enough! I bought it as a bit of a joke - never tried a onesie in my life and now Id live in it if I could!

Paulas Choice 1.jpg

Paulas Choice Liquid Exfoliant

This is the best thing TikTok made me buy. It's fair to say I am literally obsessed with the way this makes my skin feel and look. 'Paula's Choice' skin care is smart, safe, effective and Cruelty free skin care at its best.

This works.jpg

'THIS WORKS'  Morning expert multi-acid pads.

My husband bought me the 'This Works' Deep Sleep spray a while back and every since I have fallen in LOVE with this brand. Along with the sleep spray (which is amazing btw) these multi acid morning pads are just amazing. Out of every product I have tried in my life I have never come across anything that has such an incredible INSTANT effect on my skin - smooth and soft to touch plus it looks fresh and dewy. Used daily the long term effects include reducing my dark spots and making my skin look clear and youthful. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Paula 3.jpg

 'Paulas Choice' Oil Free Moisturiser

This is my new favourite moisturiser. Its light and oil free and helps prevent breakouts. Def. give this a go!


Bike Repair Kit with expandable saddle bag and taillight.

This is a supercool present for any keen cyclist. 16 tools in 1. An expandable and waterproof saddle bag and taillight! Could it get any better!


FlexiKold Gel Pack

This is a medical grade gel pack large enough for most body parts. Relatively flexible even when frozen and stays colder for longer due to the high grade gel.

Scrub daddy.jpg

Scrub Daddy

These are the best things to clean with. They are dishwash safe, scratch proof, good for deep cleaning and all round a must have!


Glass Oil Spray Bottle

User friendly, compact and great price.

This is not only functional but it looks great. It comes with a funnel to put the oil in, a cleaner brush and a spatular/

Foot Cuddler.jpg

Foot Cuddler

This comes with 2 packs. It's literally a pedicure in a sock. You wear them for an hour and then a few days later all the hard skin peels off leaving you with baby soft feet. This has changed my life! I'll never need a full pedicure again.. the only thing it doesn't fix is your nails!


Food Huggers

These are made of silicone, come in a set of 5 in different sizes to fit pretty much anything. I cant imagine how I lived without them.


Last Drop Spatulars

These silicone 'last drop spatulars' come in 3 sizes and a set of 6 in lovely bright colours. So brilliant to get everything out of jars and bottles.


Paint by Numbers for Adults

I started doing paint by numbers during the first lockdown and have become obsessed, I must have completed 6 or 7. They are for everyone.. you don't need to be an artist. Its so relaxing painting and there are hundreds to choose from. Its also a really lovely thing to do while your kids are drawing/painting as well.


Nutri Bellet

Ok so if there was one item on my site Id struggle to live without it would be this. We have a smoothie EVERY morning for all 6 of us and I use it for so many other things. I just dont have anything bad to say about it. My advice is if you dont have one, get one!


The Best Karaoke Box EVER!!

This is just perfect for anyone who loves karaoke - young and old! It has two microphones, a screen, its portable, has a long stand alone battery life... I could go on and on.. I believe for the price this is as good as it gets!


Marshmallow Chick Peeps!

These are so cool for kids as a treat. I  had never heard of them until I saw them on Tik Tok!


Gorgeous (light up horn) soft Unicorn Teddy.

For any unicorn lovers this is a great present at a fab price.

Scrub Mumnmy.jpg

Scrub Mommy

This doesn't just look super cute its also a seriously good little dual sided scrubber!

Pjnk Stuff.jpg

The Pink Stuff.

If you haven't tried this you must! I love cleaning and this is just brilliant for ceaning almost everything!!

Sleep Spray.png

Feather & Down Sweet Dream Spray

I love this, I use it on my pillow and put it on my kids 'heated up' teddys some evenings.

Post it.jpg

Cat Post it Note Dispenser

I love this, I use it on my pillow and put it on my kids 'heated up' teddys some evenings.


Unicorn Hair Clip & Kids Jewely Organiser.

One of my faves.. I would have adored this as a child and my daughters love it. They spend ages putting all their hair clips / hair bands and jewellery on it and love plaiting the hair. Its been one of the best presents and is super cheap. It also looks super cute hanging in their room.

Desk Storage.jpg

Bamboo Desk Organiser

We have this in the kitchen with pens, etc for the kids to use for arts and crafts. Unlike lots of other of these types of storage this is really attractive as well as functional.

Bamboo Make Up Storage 360.jpg

Bamboo Make Up Storage 360

This is as beautiful as it is functional. It sits on my dressing table and I can fit so much on it. It spins smoothly making it easy to access everything.


Super Stair Basket

I couldn't live without this. So handy if you live in a house with a few floors. Great value.


Mini Chocolate Fountain

One of our family favourites. So easy to set up and not too bad to clean after! Reasonably priced - we have used this so much in the few weeks since we bought it so its well worth the money if you love chocolate!


Finest Belgium Chocolate

900g bag of delicious chocolate drops suitable for chocolate fountains (if you use standard chocolate you need to add oil)


Mini Sealing Machine

So cute - I really love this. Not only is it just super easy to use it's so compact it doesn't take up any space. Also reasonably priced. With kids, we often open things and don't finish them the same day so this has been amazing for us.


Air Drying Clay Kit For Kids

This has been a huge hit for all my kids: 3 yrs up to my 10 yr old (I also enjoy it!) You get 24 colours and a super cool book with detailed descriptions of how to make things. Such a great activity for kids and its such a large kit it last for ages!


Large Set of Eyes & Noses For Teddy Repairs

With 4 kids (who love their teddys) and a puppy who loves to chew everything, we have had a lot of casualties recently. This handy kit has come to the rescue. A great selection of eyes and noses kept in a neat case. 56 pieces!


Beautifully put together Lavender Bags.

These cute little Lavender Bags come in a pack of 10. Handmade & naturally fragranced. I love them as not only do they look cute and smell lovely but they are also natural moth repellents - our family have lost so many jumpers to dreaded moths!!


Apple Cutter.

Im literally obsessed with this. All my kids LOVE apples but prefer them cut up so this little device saves me no end of time! Worth the very little price it sells for!


Globbles! Yes I do mean Gobbles!

Most parents have cursed when their kids have thrown those sticky crawler toy at walls only to find they leave a sticky residue - well not these! Fun to squish & play with and they dont leave any marks on walls!! Fab!


Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Pots x 3 (Microwave and dishwasher safe)

I'm obsessed with storage that is efficient and attractive - these little beauties are both. They come in different colours. Set of 3. LOVE THEM.

Silicone 1.jpg

Silicone Spill Stopper

Who knew... well I didn't until recently!! Pop this on your boiling pasta/potatoes etc and you can happily leave it in the knowledge that it WILL NOT boil over. Incredible low price as well!

Image Body

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Spill stopper.jpg

Handheld Clothes Steamer.

This is compact and portable steamer that can be used vertically and flat. A must have for use at home and away.


Car Seat Gap Pouch

These car seat Gap Storage fillers (Left & Right) are genious! The amount of times Ive dropped my phone or wallet down those gaps!! They have a cup holder along with a larger compartment for whatever you like!! Such a clever idea.


SQUEEZE ME! Self Closing Toothpaste lids!!

One of my favourite finds.. not only do our kids make a right old mess after squeezing out their toothpaste but I do as well! These are so clever and truly minimise mess. They come in a set of three.

Squeeze Me

Super Clean! Amazing gel that cleans dirt and dust from hard to get to spaces.

This gel is not only amazing at cleaning all those hard to get to places like keyboards, small areas in cars etc but its also eco friendly and so fun to use!!


Banana Slicer

This is just such a simple yet brilliant kitchen tool - especially if you have kids who love bananas! Just push it down over the banana and its perfectly sliced!


Large Storage Cases

Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bags. They have reinforced handles. The fabric is thick and strong to hold blankets etc. They are folldable with Sturdy Zippers and I love the Clear Windows so you can see what is inside! 3 Pack, Grey


Super Clever Snack Tower!

This Snack Storage Container is a set of 4-Pieces. Twist Lock Stackable Storage Jars. There is a Formula Dispenser for Storing Milk, etc. BPA Free

Storage 2.jpg

IWalk Mini Portable Charger.

I cannot rave enough about how much I love this. Its the cutest portable charger Ive seen - I especially love the pink but it comes in other colours.



This is just too amazing, classic PopGrip for phones has a secret stash compartment for small items. Love this.


Magic Cleaning Washing Gloves

These reusable Silicone Cleaning Gloves are basically Dishwashing Scrubber gloves so you don't need a sponge or anything! I love them.


Kids Cleaning Kit.

Any role play toys are winners but this is one of my favourites. All of my kids (boys and girls) have loved this, although it is meant for pretend play I actually let them clean with it as they love to help / copy me!

Cleaning Kit.jpg

Mobile Phone UV Sanitiser.

This is so clever. This smart steriliser uses a LED UV Light Cleaner Box with Aromatherapy Function, Disinfector for Mobile Phone Toothbrush Keys Jewelry. Super good to have if you are anxious about germs, especially now.


Super Snack Pot

I love this. It looks cool and has lots of compartment for a selection of snacks! Its so colourful and comes in 3 different designs.

Rabbit and bear1.jpeg

Rabbit and Bear (1) Rabbits Bad Habits.

I wish Id read (or had these read to me) these as a child. Such a beautiful series -  simple, funny, peaceful stories with subtle emotional messages. I loved reading these to my son as much as he love me reading them to him.

Rabbit and Bear 2.jpeg

Rabbit and Bear (2) Pest In The Nest

I wish Id read (or had these read to me) these as a child. Such a beautiful series -  simple, funny, peaceful stories with subtle emotional messages. I loved reading these to my son as much as he love me reading them to him.

Rabbit and Bear 4.jpeg

Rabbit and Bear (3) Attach of The Snack

I wish Id read (or had these read to me) these as a child. Such a beautiful series -  simple, funny, peaceful stories with subtle emotional messages. I loved reading these to my son as much as he love me reading them to him.

Rabbit and Bear 5.jpeg

Rabbit and Bear (4) A Bite In The night

I wish Id read (or had these read to me) these as a child. Such a beautiful series -  simple, funny, peaceful stories with subtle emotional messages. I loved reading these to my son as much as he love me reading them to him.


Epic Zero Book 7

My 10 year was obsessed with this series!

epic 8.jpg

Epic Zero Book 8

My 10 year was obsessed with this series!